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What Makes A Great Photograph

What makes a great photograph? Color? Lighting? Focus? Setting? Backdrop? Marc will answer a few of the most important FAQs about great photography.

What Makes a Great Photograph?

by Marc Ames Sandin


The problem about great (and terrible) photography is that it's not always easy to tell why it's good (or bad).

I began my photography career knowing I loved photography... and not much else. I quickly learned that having an eye for a great photography doesn't mean you can actually take one that's good. Knowing how to replicate circumstances which produce great lighting, shadows, colors, backdrops, smiles, focus, and clarity isn't an innate ability. It takes study and practice.

So how does one replicate a process with literally tens of thousands of combinations of different elements?

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Everybody Wants Great Photos

I've received dozens of special requests when setting up sittings. They range from accessibility to eyeglass thickness to facial scars props to special locations and backgrounds, and even requests